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Fraser Valley Hops

Mr.Toews Goes Local, With Purchase Order From Fraser Valley Hop Farms In B.C.

Last month, at the VIP dinner preceding Brewery  annual summer festival, employees, volunteers, and attendees toasted the launch of a brand new beer:…
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ACES Wine Wins Taste Test Award With Focus Group

ACES Wine: A Poker Story Wine and poker: the two passions that set ACES' Holger Clausen's heart ablaze. If you live for sipping…
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VAMPT Brewing Shows Big Gains With CEO’s Leadership

CEO, Ian Richard Toews developed an approach to deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI)   Natural, sustainable and socially responsible global market determined…
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Local Gluten Free Beer, Lean Machine Ale Is A Local HIT!

Proudly Canadian. Lean Machine Ale is a sport recovery, low calorie, FIT BEER. We like to refer to it as RECOVERY ALE TM.…
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